PVC Insulated submersible winding wire with annealed bare copper


The Winding Wires of ‘Wet Type Motors’ are continually in contact with liquids that are more or less aggressive. For this reason, the extruded insulation of the Winding Wires has to be absolutely watertight and resistant to a number of different substances. The dielectric properties of the insulation (dielectric strength, insulation resistance, dielectric losses), have to meet the high standards that, of course, have to be fulfilled under the influence of moisture for long periods of me. Due to our long-standing experience and tests, developed its own suitable PVC compound for this special application. Our insulating materials have excellent properties to assure a long life. Here are some of the main characteristics:

  •  High dielectric strength
  • High insulation resistance
  • Low dielectric losses
  • Good thermal and chemical resistance.